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Shipping FAQ

Q: How is your banana bread shipped?

A: Our banana bread is shipped fresh, NEVER Frozen. Each banana bread loaf is custom-wrapped.


Q: When does my order ship out?

A: Orders ship out the same day as the announced BAKE Day. For example, if we announce our BAKE day to be on Tuesday, your order will ship out Tuesday afternoon. Our goal is to deliver the freshest and most moist banana bread to your doorstep in the shortest amount of time!

1.If you are picking up at our Ewa Beach Bakery location, select the date and time of pick-up during check-out.


Q: How much is shipping?

A: When order amount is less than $100.00, the shipping total is $10.00. Orders $100.00 or more are FREE.

Q: When can I pick-up my order?

A: Select your pick-up date and time at check-out! Additional pick-up instructions will be sent to you with the order confirmation. Please check-out our pick-up FAQs page for additional information.


Q: Where can you ship to?

A: We ship to all Hawaiian Islands. We currently do NOT ship to the Mainland and International.


Q: If I live in Hawaii, how long does it take to receive my shipment?

A: Your banana bread shipment will be delivered 1-2 days after the BAKE Day.


Q: Will I receive a tracking number for my order?

A: Yes, you will receive an email confirmation along with a tracking number once the banana bread ships.


Q: What if I need to change or update my shipping address?**

A: Send us your updated shipping info ASAP at info@makuabananabread.com


Q: What if I need to change my order quantity or flavors?**

A: Send us your updated order details at info@makuabananabread.com


**Please Note: We will try to accommodate all changes to your confirmed order, however we cannot guarantee the request will be met if your change is made on shipment day.