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Banana Bread FAQ


Q: What is special about your banana bread?

A: It's true, Mother's really do have a ”baker’s touch" when it comes to baking, and our mom definitely has it! 


Q: What is special about your chocolate chip cookies?

A: Kindly see answer above.


Q: Do you have a store front?

A: Yes! Our store front in Haleiwa, North Shore is open Wednesday - Sundays, from 10am to 5pm!


Q: How can I get Makua Banana Bread?

A: Purchase online and select between two options:

  1.  Pick-up at our Ewa Beach, Oahu Bakery or Haleiwa, North Shore Locations!

  2.  USPS Priority Shipping (Hawaiian Islands) ; Or 2-Day Shipping (Mainland)

  3. Check our Instagram for local events!


Q: How big is your banana bread?

A: Each loaf is 12-13oz. Our loaves are not pre-cut to order. You can get 4-6 pieces per loaf, or if you’re like us, one large piece. 


Q: How long does the bread stay fresh?

A: It’s hard for us not to eat an entire loaf in one sitting. However, if you can’t (we won’t judge), our banana bread will stay fresh at room-temperature and wrapped for 5-6 days after delivery.


Q: Can you freeze your banana bread?

A: Yes! We highly recommend storing our banana bread and cookies in the freezer to maintain freshness and moistness for weeks!


Q: What do you do after you pull the banana bread out of the freezer?

A:  Warm the bread up by telling it how beautiful it looks. But seriously, place the bread at room-temperature for 2-3 hours to thaw out and you are good to go!